Use Ds2 Converter to convert dss and ds2 files to easily-usable wav files.

With a license key, Ds2 Converter converts a file’s full length for you in double-quick time. Plus, you’ll receive free support and upgrades.

Terms and conditions of license key purchase:

  • The license options shown below are ONE-OFF payments, not recurring payments.
  • You must not pass your license key to others. If we see that your license key is used by multiple users, we reserve the right to cancel it. Each key can be used on only one computer.
  • Your details will not be passed to third parties.  We may contact you by email on rare occasions.  You can opt out of those emails at any time.

Watch the video (30 seconds)

A PC ID is the "ID" of your individual computer. To find your computer’s PC ID, open Ds2 Converter and click License, and your 12-digit PC ID will be displayed. Copy and paste it into the above field, including hyphens. IMPORTANT: you must enter the PC ID of the computer on which you want to use Ds2 Converter. If you later want to move your key to a different computer, you will need to contact us. This is necessary to prevent key-sharing.


(If you are unsuccessful in making a payment via this page, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" link above.)