If Ds2 Converter appears to convert the file but the converted file does not exist, try these remedies:

– If you have an earlier version of Ds2 Converter than 2.0 and you are using an Olympus foot pedal, please unplug it while converting, then conversion will work. Alternatively, uninstall your version and download version 2.0, which contains the fix.

– Ds2 Converter requires Olympus Codecs to be installed.  They should have installed when you installed Ds2 Converter, but to make sure, go to Control Panel, Programs, and check that “Olympus Codecs” are installed.  If they are not, download and install these two plugins: and

Otherwise, please try ALL the following:

1 – run DS2 Converter as an administrator. To do that, right-click on the program icon then click Run As Administrator.

2 – if that does not help, go to C:\ and create a new folder there, then put your dss/ds2 file in it and retry, still running as administrator.

3 – if that still does not help, your file may be password-protected. Try with this test file: download


If DS2 Converter works fine when running as an administrator, you can set it to always automatically run as an administrator by doing the following:

Right-click on the Ds2 Converter program icon and then click on Properties.
Click on Shortcut, then Advanced.
Check the box beside “Run As Administrator”.
Click on OK to save your changes.